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 Post subject: Monetization - What Works For Me
PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:49 pm 

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Cold of Cold's Gold Factory here. If you like my site (and haven't already) I would appreciate a link in your blogroll. I am always looking for guest posters if you would like to be featured on my site for a day to help increase traffic to both of our sites. I also wanted to share an opportunity with you.

Most of us bloggers are also looking for ideas and ways to turn our blogs into somewhat of a profit for all of the hard work that we put into them. I have been testing out various affiliate programs, banners, link exchanges, etc to both increase traffic and to increase affiliate links. After a few months of testing here are the ones that I do recommend using.

1) Adsense - incorporated into blogger. Pay per click strategy, although the links they auto create can be really off the wall. Ex: Cold's Gold Factory tends to get a lot of links about buying and selling real life gold and other precious metals. LOL! Main drawback of Adsense is that you have to meet a threshold of $100 before you see payment, then meet another $100 again before you get you next payment, etc. So this takes a while to even get your first check.

2) Clickbank - Selling guides created by others as an affiliate. Decent as you get nearly 40-60% of each sale. Sales are slow though. I've sold 3 guides in 5 months. Biggest drawback is you can't get your payments until you have 5 seperate forms of payment, and anyone that pays with Paypal doesn't count towards your 5 different credit card number required to "prove that you aren't abusing the program." Huh? Some strategy to keep your money until you have enough sales from different payment options. Whatever.

3) Mountainview clicks has been working great for me. Here is a link: Mountainview Clicks Here is what makes them so nice. No threshold to meet before payments are received. You just need to have a paypal account and every month (around the 3rd) your payments will be transferred to your Paypal account regardless of the amount earned. Sure beats the other 2 options that have ways of hanging onto your money. If you never reach their requirements then they just keep your money earned. Mountainview is the opposite, they pay monthly regardless of how much or little you have earned. This is way better. I have already received a paypal payment for my first months earnings! So follow my link and sign up to be a publisher. They seems to be little newer and are still building their advertisers database. Just make sure you are not clicking on your own links or you can get banned. They moniter what IP you log into their account from and cross reference your clicks versus all IPs you log in on. So don't log into your account in any public places like school labs or libraries, where others legitimate clicks could appear as you trying to scam with repeated clicks.

Why not make some extra cash on the side, with some ads that require just a one time set up and then you just ignore them as they bring you increased income oppurtunities?

Things I can stand by as to NOT recommend: Google AdWords and Commission Junction ( These look good in theory, but fail in actual profitability. Maybe you have had better success.

If you have any other proven strategies to share, I would be open to any other recommendations from you.

Thanks in advance!


Cold's Gold Factory

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 Post subject: Re: Monetization - What Works For Me
PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:58 am 
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Sorry for late response. I was using CPA Instruments to know these things, and it did helped me monetize my blog site, it helps traffic, even just posting images in your site and the tags your using it makes a huge difference, but some bloggers don't like advertisements in there blog sites "Ad free" to avoid some Gold farming stuff but some it's okay. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Have a Great Day! :D

Please come and visit My 2nd WoW Blog @ AmerPriest Blog Thank you!

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