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 Post subject: What Do You Want In A Community Portal?
PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2011 5:02 pm 
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Imagine a hypothetical MMO community site/portal for gamers of all and any MMOs to mix and chatter in a safe environment where trolls are summarily executed on the front lawn. Or at least, removed. I've no idea what such a site might look like (*grin*) - I don't know, maybe forums, maybe a place to feature fan art or fan fiction, maybe polls/announcements.

None of that sounds particularly out the ordinary or special, just off the top of my head thinking those things might be the building blocks of something community-ish. It also wouldn't be the first MMO community site - has just acquired something similar, though I'm thinking that while community sites/portals generally share some similatiries they also have differences. Just like, say, Massively's audience and the Pot's audiences are slightly different, even though they share the common aspect of being gamers.

Right. So. Hypothetically speaking, would you be enthusiastic about a community site for MMO players - would you use it?

If yes, why?
If not, why not?
Would your answer - whatever it is - change the community site/portal did something specific you'd love? If so, what would you want to be included?
Or is there anything you think would be kinda cool and exciting to a lot of people, not just you?

I'm really interested in hearing your opinions on this, guys. Please be honest - if you don't think it'd work, or if you think it might work but you personally wouldn't use it, tell me. Or alternatively if you have any flashes of brilliance on what would get you involved in a community site or have something you've always been wishing someone would set up, say that too.

I'm not speculating on why I'm asking all this except to say that over recent months several different people have got me thinking about something. Maybe something will come out of this process and be added to MMO Melting Pot* (and there's a chance I might use any ideas you put here if I think they're good - so if you don't want me to use your excellent idea, say so) maybe it won't. Either way, for now it's just an intelligence gathering exercise before I put loads of work into something people might not actually want :)

* For anyone who doesn't know what MMO Melting Pot is - we find the best posts from around the blogosphere and link them for our readers, with a summary of the post and full credit and link love to the original author. Our intention is to get people finding more interesting posts they might not otherwise have found, to get bloggers a bit more limelight, and to try to inspire more debate :)

Rebecca - Chief Editor, tea maker and curmudgeon at MMO Melting Pot.
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