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 Post subject: So i rolled horde what's different about them?
PostPosted: Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:21 pm 
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Well now that i have an 80 gnome mage and a 78 orc hunter i feel i can now judge bother horde and alliance on the slight differences between the two factions.

The Stereotype i have often heard and agree with are.

The Alliances are Noobs
The Horde are Jerks

This i have to agree with after PUGING experiences with both groups when i felt in a PUGGING mood not to say i haven't experienced a Noob horde or a Jerk of alliances.

The Horde i have noticed tend to be less greedy on gathering of herbs, Mine nodes etc.

The battle for undercity in my opinion was far more intresting and felt way way more into it then i was with the alliance.

Storming through the front gate with Thrall and the Bash-nee queen her song storming up the sky giving us renewed strengths as Thrall called upon the elements to anything that got in his path as we took the figh to retake undercity

vs the Alliance with the King his Night elf Bear advisor i never seen before sneaking in through the sewers to try to take the kingdom of Loderian back

The cities.

Well the layout i like the alliances cities more then the Horde cities but i find the horde cities (Ironforge the expection) more intresting to look at and love the quiet time in thunderbuff so i can do my AH buying and selling without being disturbed

The Heros....again i love all the horde heros and the alliance heros i only like the bronzebeards

Starting Areas

Alliances wins this hands down this is why Jinx's sells "I've surveyed the barren chat" shirts West fall/Loch Moden is easily much more enjoyable and fun but it puts you in that state of mind for the later levels like say after Tanaris to Outlands.

The Horde has a more savage vs civil look then the alliances just looking at the (common race females emotes can say it all)

"I need a hero"
"I feel very Femine and i'll beat the crap outta anyone who disagrees!"

At the end of the day though what it comes down to is where are your buddies playing. i rolled horde orginaly bescause my friends knew i never roll with them as alliance bescause i be left out with them in the 60's and me level 1 so we all decided to roll horde and we had a BLAST.

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