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 Post subject: Designing a raid instance
PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:01 pm 
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Myself and my brother were thinking over the weekend about a raid instance, and adding strange things, forcing / requiring a different type and style of play than your traditional boss fights.

We came up with a 4 wing + end boss instance based around the idea of splitting up the players.

wing 1: 1 boss:
Players descend a long stairwell (which is only 1 turn to the top), at each landing 5 people enter an instance (30 mins, 20 mins, 10 mins, 5 mins) which plays a lot like an appropriate length Shattered halls run, each instance has respawning mobs (to keep the pace), and when the last boss is killed you can loot a legendary item that disables abilities on the main boss. After your time is up you are teleported to the main bosses room.

The main boss starts off with low health, and when he reaches 50% breaks an item in the room, teleporting in a group of your instance people. His health doubles its last value (so 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x his original health and damage), the person with the legendary items can stand in points on the ground, that banish the boss forcing him to take extra damage. Requires at least 3 items to complete the boss successfully at a push (at the right gear level).

Wing 2: 2 bosses
This wing is the spirit wing, each fight contains pairs of mobs that must be killed within 10s of each other, the spirit form is immune to melee, and the body immune to magic.

The first boss is essentially a lot like Magtheridon, except with a spirit form as well (the kill within 10s mechanic), when the forms come close together a special ability triggers.

The second boss spawns immediately after the first, as a standard boss (no spirit form) and is designed to really push the raid (expecting about 20 people to be standing).

Wing 3: 3 Bosses
This wing is comic relief, but must be completed in 1 go, the original 25 people you bring in are locked to it for 3 days, if they leave you cannot bring in a replacement.

The first boss inhabits a player, in 30s all of the durability of their gear is gone, if the player takes sufficient damage within that time (yes you have to nuke your own players :P) the damage stops and the boss moves to a new target. After 1 minute the boss will automatically pick a new target. After 30s / all durability is gone the boss will use a random stack of items in your inventory every 5s (so a full stack of pots or flasks, an injector). Every 30s 3 random players in the raid are blinded (mind controlled) and attack random raid members.

Boss 2:
Environmental Hazard boss, this boss moves very quickly, essentially only instant spells may be cast. He continually throws aoe effects around the area (loss of control, blind as per the last boss and stuns), attempting to use your own raid against you, and the environmental Hazards.

Boss 3:
Goon Boss, multi-stage fight like Zul'jin, but with goon-waves, and similar environmental hazards to the 2nd boss.

Wing 4: 1 boss
This wing takes < 10 minutes per attempt.

You rush through waves of trash, then must defeat the boss in the time remaining (~5 mins total, so 1 min or less on the boss). If you fail he returns you to the start, after 5 attempts he gets bored and locks the door until the reset.

The idea being that each wing forces a different type of co-operation, small group, 2 groups, full raid as well as a high level of co-ordination (dpsing down raid members fast, but keeping them healed, environmental damage). The real plan was a lot more worked out, but you get the idea.

So if you could design an instance, say 2 wings at least (like Karazhan) and 4 bosses what would you go for, what kind of instance would appeal to you, what diversity and abilities would you like to see and challenge yourself against? (going to write up the instance properly and post it someday :P)

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